Web Design & Development

We team up with your organization to build websites that are usable across all platforms inclusive of the mobile technology. Our website development strategies compliments your products and accomplishes your goals.

The success of any product depends on how user friendly it is. As the software industry matures, software and online services cannot just be functional, companies have realized the feature for feature fight does not make sense.Smart firms are now fighting the battle on the grounds of usability. We make software and online services that are so easy and even fun to use that customers are drawn to them even if the competition offers more features for the same product at a lower price.

We build sites that look magnificentand the users find them very easy to navigate. Our designers are well equipped with the knowledge of development from single static pages of plain script to complex web-based Online applications in alignment with social media services.

We offer a perfect blend of Web design with superior technology to engage your users in friendly atmospheres. We are responsible for contributing a comprehensive package – from consulting and design, to development and hosting

Our web app development services provide you with:

• Easy to use and well-designed web applications that meet your specific business needs

• Application architecture that is highly scalable and built using established frameworks, tools, and time-tested processes

• Easy to maintain solution that reduces the total cost of ownership

We endorse an enhanced web presence to transforming your brand uniqueness and deliver the business to a next level.

Our Web Design & Development Services are:

  • Responsive web development
  • New Website development
  • Re-design of present websites
  • Website Maintenance services
  • Content Management Services
  • Web design services
  • Web application development services
  • Portal design
  • Intranet development
  • Interface design
  • Web based software (CRM/ERP/MIS/Ecommerce)
  • Web services – SaaS (Software as a service)
  • Web Application/ Website maintenance
  • Training and support

Responsive Web Design

In today's business scenario, creating an exceptional web experience that is optimized across multiple devices is essential, but targeting the right set of devices can be challenging. The users have now started accessing the web using a vast range of devices like desktop, laptop, tablet and smart phones – all with varying capabilities and screen sizes.

Viewing a website designed for a desktop computer on the screen of a tablet or a mobile device is very awkward. It requires a lot of zoom in and out and scrolling in all directions, resulting in a poor user experience. Having a single web site that optimizes content and layout automatically based on screen size, device and orientation is a real challenge. Thankfully, there is a solution; Responsive Web Design, which eliminates the need to design for a specific user device and in turn saves time, maintenance and costs with a single website designed to function on all platforms and devices.

At MESU, we move you out from a fixed layout design and develop it into a Responsive Web Design. Furthermore, we expand responsive Web Design Technology by implementing the newest and most useful techniques offered by HTML5 and CSS3 to keep the style neat. We use best-practice techniques of composing and offering facts, pictures, and information.

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