QA Testing

The commitment to the Customer is demonstrated through our flawless Product. Identifying, Removing and Improving is the core idea of Testing any software towards achievement of the goals it is set to achieve. Testing is a core chapterin the life cycle of the software development. We validateour solutions before the Customer does.And it’s a promise to deliver error-free Software to you.

Quality Assurance (QA) is a systematic method of identifying, reducing and eliminating functional and technical errors arising out of conflicting codes, programming or platform-related bugs in software products. It is done to avoid working problems before delivering solutions or services to customers. At Mesu, we have deployed QA as an integrated business process. It does not happen at the end of the projects like our competitors do.

Our focus is to keep a check on the creation of bugs to achieve desired and expected outputs quickly and efficiently. We handle every Testing project diligently and deliver Quality Assurance with detailed understanding of tools and support for software testing. We have a dedicated team of professionals who are adept at all methods of software testing. Professional Dexterity is inbuilt into our Work Processes to make sure your projects are never delayed or overshoot on budget due to unsolicited bugs. We have a full-time committed team working at our offshore facility, which is all equipped with the best-in-the-industry artillery of technical tools.

The reliability of the software must be 100% once it is deployed to the real time usage. The goal of having the software working under all conditions, is assured through the systematic method of Quality Assurance.

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