Mobile Health

Mobility adds dynamism to the Healthcare Industry that is already hard pressed for time and accurate information. New and ever evolving Newer Technologies can be amalgamated on the mobility suite, developing the right apps with interactive integration and synchronization mechanism. Healthcare has embraced it for the simplicity and penetration of the Usability.

We have a knack of converging technologies that are progressively evolving with every passing byte of information. Mobility is no longer avoidable, in fact, Healthcare has hugely embraced it for the simplicity and penetration of the usage. We develop health information systems that a user, in real time, can communicate through our systems and devices to interchange and interpret the shared data.

We are in the best period of technological evolution so far. Mobile Technology is an all pervasive, and omniscient phenomenon to have impacted everything that we have been doing in the past. It has allowed us to engage ourselves beyond the barriers of time, space and affordability.

Our Mobile Health Applications help in connecting the dots between the physician and the patient. It keeps them connected for swift transfer of patient data, prescription monitoring and online appointments. We work in sync with the Healthcare Professionals to create apps that work on Apple iOS and Android platforms. The physicians and the facilities can foster a deeper connect with the patients in terms of the real-time “Care” for the health of the Patients.

Mobile Applications are in the vogue for:

a. Patient Communication and Education

b. Emergency Alerts

c. Physician Appointments and Reminders

d. Prescription Monitoring Program

e. Health Vitals and Statistics

f. Health Insurance (with Reminders on Premiums too)

The list is ever evolving … more you can imagine and so we can create solutions tailor-made for you.

Mesu Solutions, with its team of expert Healthcare IT Professionals sweeps across the whole gamut of Mobile Health:

1. Cover the whole range of Handheld devices and their respective programming platforms

2. Build Synchronization Mechanism between the Traditional Server Architecture and Mobile Devices

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