Healthcare Integration and Migration

Patient health information is sourced from countless sources and in numerous forms. Healthcare data comes from innumerous different healthcare applications and diagnostic machines. We will help you to integrate different forms to data into your healthcare application. Information by itself, does not generate knowledge about the patient. We help converting the same into usable forms.

Integrating all the data requires concentrated efforts and healthcare expertise to pool data in order to improve the expected outcomes. Our integration services enhances your abilities to design and produce reports with information obtained from a myriad of platforms. We deliver up-to-date integration services and solutions that lower the overall cost of patient care.

We have worked extensively on integration and integrated for

- Laboratories

- eRx Software

- Microsoft Healthvault

- Medical Billing Software


Healthcare IT is not new to the Industry. Many of the Institutions already have the Applications in place for years now. In this ever evolving era of Technology, an upgrade or update is the most practical way to ensure that the products/applications work in tandem with the growing awareness of the Users.

Healthcare has a low tolerance to errors because all the diagnosis is dependent on the right, nay accurate, data.

The existing legacy systems are reeling under complexities arising out of the functional dissimilitude with the concurrent and evolved capabilities. Most of them are related with:

• MU Stage certification

• Compliance with HIPAA

• Integrating their systems with other most commonly used tools or other systems

• Adapt to new and newer technology

Mesu Solutions comes with expertise on Migration and plugs the chances of your applications getting outdated. Mesu makes use of the technical and healthcare expertise in devising better versions of the applications that are easy to use. We migrate the Legacy Architecture of Information and modernize it for the state-of-the-art platforms where the performance and efficiency is enhanced for unification of information, a deeper penetration in the market and augmented scalability. The User Interface is renovated for Modern User Interface.

It is time to walk, probably run with the times. The earlier or existing Legacy Technologies must move on to the latest and improved programming platforms if you have to gain wider market share with spectrum enhancement and powerful integration abilities.

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