Healthcare IT Solutions

Getting a software as a Healthcare IT Solution is not difficult, however, touching the right chord in terms of its appeal and Utility is where the expertise comes into play.

Being in Healthcare, we profoundly know that one medication does not suit all patients, even those diagnosed with similar symptoms. We all need specific prescriptions. Mesu Solutions also works on the same principles. We customize Software Solutions to cater to the relevant requirements of “Your” Business. Bundled Software Solutions evoke contradictions when the real needs are placed one to one with the existing features. One Size does not fit all, as we believe and so we tailor the features to adapt to specific needs of the progressive Business Needs.

We bridge the gap between the mosaic of professionals from both Healthcare and Information Technology. It is interesting to note that the mindsets of different entities involved in the organization can really become a blockage in the way of creating the right solution focused towards the real need.

By understanding the terms used by the Healthcare Professionals, we create solutions so that is technologically superior in terms of its deployment and simultaneously value-adding for the healthcare professionals.

The Solutions developed by us is not only verifiable for the efficacy on the Healthcare front however also technologically sound in its ease of operability.

Consumer Health

We develop health information systems that can share data captured in real time. Ultimately the real judge of the efficiency of Health Information Systems is the User. Meaningful use of big data can change healthcare practices and increase efficiency by leaps and bounds. MU2 focus on mostly on HIE (Health Information Exchange). We aim at effective delivery of healthcare for entities and facilities across organizational boundaries. We link developer platforms to be interoperable expanding EHRs to enable the Healthcare IT industry.

Our team will help you to develop direct messaging and clinic portal with the help of MS HealthVault. It will allow you to pre-register the patients along with their demographic and insurance details, whenever they are visiting their physician or hospital. It further goes on to deliver the online patient statements/EOB from respective health service providers. It works on a consummate data exchange framework between MS HealthVault and other Clinical Applications.

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